Gold Colour Ball Necklace
Collar with round bead
Gold Colour Ball Necklace

Gold Colour Ball Necklace

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Ursula Muller was born in Lucerne where she went to school and then worked as an interior decorator. Once she completed her studies at the College of Art and Design in Lucerne. After a stay of study in Paris, she started her own business. In the nineties, she started to concentrate exclusively on jewellery design. Having found her fulfillment, she and her husband established Step by Step in 1994.

All parts are hand-made and produced in Step by Step's own studio. Therefore, small irregularities can occur which give a certain particularity to every piece.
This item supplied in a black Step by Step branded pouch.
Material Aluminium & Steel
Finish Textured
Length 45.5 cm
Reference 0805157