Each of these superb jewellery creations is painstakingly produced by the artisans at the Furrer Jacot workshops in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, relying on expert know-how handed down from generation to generation. Turn by turn, the designer, then the lathe operators, master jewellers, gem setters, polishers and engravers play their role in a process that combines innovative technologies and traditional craftsmanship, with each step carried out exclusively by hand and followed by careful inspection. Their expertise and constant striving for excellence allows Furrer Jacot, like an haute couture fashion house, to offer jewels imbued with an authentic culture of quality, and thus, fittingly, guaranteed for life.

All jewellery pieces are made to order and piece by piece. They can be adapted on demand to customer’s wishes.

Lucas Ruppli, Chief designer and Design Award winner (International Diamond Award De Beers) sketches all pieces by himself. 

We have over 100 different Furrer-Jacot rings for you to view in our dedicated wedding ring showroom. Please call us to make an appointment on 01242 524000.