Andrew Scott Bespoke Jewellery

Andrew Scott is a well-established Designer Goldsmith, starting his career in jewellery manufacturing back in 1987. After studying Art and Design he decided to specialise in jewellery as his art, enjoying the precision element that could be combined with his artistic flair.
He takes his inspiration from a diverse range of subjects such as art, architecture and contemporary product design.
Conceiving an idea he starts by putting pen to paper, his talent for drawing coming into play to maintain a sense of feel to the piece. Incorporating the latest CAD technology has allowed even greater diversity to the ideas that can be created but still underpinned with traditional hand-carving techniques to bring the design idea to life before setting and finishing. By controlling the entire process from concept through to completion of the finished piece has ensured an enviable reputation for quality and innovative design.
Specialising in engagement and dress rings the design specifically and uniquely complements the individual characteristics of the hand, ensuring a piece of jewellery that is comfortable, elegant and timeless.
All of the bespoke appointments operate out of our store in Cheltenham.
Andrew says

‘It’s a pleasure to be designing and making jewellery that people will wear for the rest of their lives, particularly with the sentimental association with such significant moments as engagement or marriage. The best contemporary designs allied with the finest precious materials create quality jewellery that can be worn and enjoyed by generations to come.’

Platinum Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Platinum Ruby and Diamond Trilogy Ring   Platinum Solitiare Engagement Ring